Complete the sentences using the present simple tense of the verbs in the box. Attention: Use the auxiliary

verbs in the negative and interrogative sentences. speak- not live- need- prefer- not eat- close- cause- not feel

a)Bad driving many accidents in this country.
b)My aunt in a house because she safe. She
to live in an apartment.
c) we to buy some eggs in the supermarket?
d)Vegetarians meat.
e)Many students in my class English pretty wwll.
f)What time the bank ?

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  • rodrigovtrn

    a) causes

    b) doesn't live / doesn't feel / prefers

    c) Do/need

    d) don't eat

    e) speak

    f) does/ close


    Presente simples - Usamos os auxiliares do / does nas formas interrogativas e negativas ou s no verbo qdo falamos sobre he, she, it

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